Informe Violación de Derechos Humanos

Community-Based Human Rights Impact Assessment of Canadian Mine in Oaxaca

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Educa Oaxaca. San José mining project. Report on the violation of human rights in the communities of Ocotlán, Ejutla and Tlacolula, Oaxaca Executive Summary This report assesses ...

Photo: Luis Bartolomé Marcos, Wikimedia Commons

Peru’s Constitutional Court’s Racist Disregard for the Right to Consultation and the ILO Convention No. 169

SOURCE:, originally posted on March 4, translated to English by Awasqa. Declaration by the Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana (AIDESEP) The Peruv...

Photo: Ariadna Solís

A Zapotec Reflection On Freedom: Mom, How Do You Allow Yourself To Do What You Desire?

Freedom is a concept used in multiple ways to limit, cancel, or break community processes, especially those related to indigenous peoples. That is what the editors of Tzam: Las Trece Semillas Zapatist...

Tosenyot: Democracy Is Unity and a Deep Commitment for Community

Tosenyot, that’s how our ancestors called it. It means “our essential unity.” Our unwavering bond as Maseual people. Together with our contradictions, or strains, our joys, and our love. We are a comm...

To Migrate Is To Resist Colonialism

This text stems from an interview with Soledad Alvarez Velasco (Ecuadorian) and Amarela Varela Huerta (Mexican) Their words show a common sisterly fabric, an intellectual, feminist, transnational frie...

Community meeting and informational session on the impacts of the two dams

Bolivia: The Hostile Takeover of Indigenous Organizations

State-affiliated leaders and organizations have created severe divisions and tensions among indigenous communities.

No more Oil Spills Photo: Iván Castaneira

Ecuador: Two Executive Orders Threatening the Amazon

The oil and mining policies of Ecuador's government continue to affect indigenous populations and go against all recommendations to mitigate climate change.

IIK'NAJ foto: Haizel De la Cruz

The Subtle Etymology of the Mayan Language

The first rain of the season has just fallen in the community. Five days had passed since they had finished doing the meeyjul Yuum iik'[1] known as Ch’a’acháak.[2] The farmers could not help but smile...

Court in Mexico Blocks Federal Mandate that Declared Infrastructure Projects of “Public Interest” and “National Security”

In Mexico, as in many neoliberal and authoritarian governments, the discourse of national security has been used again and again as a pretext for developmentalist extractivist projects. The National I...