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Carina Carriqueo. Photo: Hernan Bustos

Mapuche Songwriter Shares Her Art as a Tool for Native Resilience

Interview Carina Carriqueo, Mapuche singer from Argentina, by Awasqa, August 2019 Because there is something else which we do not consider and sometimes we forget, is that we are making history. Each ...


Indigenous people literature / Translations of cultural experiences in writing

SOURCE: Astrolábio Magazine nº 21 year II set. 2017, English translation: Awasqa Indigenous literature is marked by a narrative tradition with strong traces of orality, amplified by representation sys...

Territory: our body, our spirit. Photo: Women of Xingu Movement

Indigenous women and peasants unite for the largest women’s action in Brazil

SOURCE: MidiaNinja, translated from Portuguese by Awasqa. The Margaridas meeting was attended by 100,000 people in Brasilia. The first march of indigenous women joins the peasants to fight against soc...

Natural Dyes as Part of Mexico’s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage: A Hands-On Workshop

This spring I had the great privilege of meeting Porfirio Gutiérrez, an educator and social justice activist from Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, who with his Zapotec family is part of an indigenous move...

Osh-Tisch, (picture Indian Country Today)

Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders

SOURCE: Indian Country Today. Indian Country Today is a daily digital news platform and nonprofit organization that covers the Indigenous world, including American Indians and Alaska Natives. This sto...

Language, Our Roots, and Justice

During most of the 20th century, national states in the US continent, almost without exception, developed policies of forced assimilation of Native peoples. The “democratic” obsession with...

Photo: Waorani Resistencia Pastaza

Indigenous Women Sing to Fight for the Amazon and for their Way of Life

It was 1973 when the first barrels of Texaco oil was carried on a large military procession from the northern Amazon in Ecuador to the seacoast for its processing and export. The parade included sulle...

The Red Road: Documenting the Lives of Northern Tribes

Two friends with a love for storytelling (Danielle SeeWalker from the Sioux tribe) and documenting life experiences in pictures (Carlotta Cardana), came together to capture the lives of Northern Tribe...

68 Voces

68 Voices, 68 Hearts: “No one can love what they don’t know”

From Mexico, a series of indigenous animated stories narrated in their native languages.

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