Social and Gender Justice

Los peligros del incremento de la minería “verde” en América para la transición energética del norte

The dangers of more “green” mining in the Americas for the energy transition in the North

The myths of “green,” “sustainable” and “climate smart” mining are gaining traction across the world. Companies are marketing these mines as “green,” and present them as the solution to the climate cr...

Bolivia: The March for the Earth, the territory and for identity, returns home

After close to 100 days of resistance in Bolivia’s lowlands, indigenous representatives of the newly created PNIAOC decided to return home without the hoped dialogue with Luis Arce’s government

Ecuador: CONAIE Rejects Government’s Neoliberal Policies

beings and the planet. Through struggle and resistance processes with the people, we have been building a political project for the country.

Looking Forward from COP26: An Interview with Andrés Tapia from Lanceros Digitales and CONFENIAE

Interview with Andres Tapia, community communicator for Lanceros Digitales and CONFENIAE on the participation of indigenous peoples in the COP26 summit.

The Return of Rammay

Long before there was ever any paper that said it belonged to someone, the land was here. Rammay is the ancestral land of the tribe some times called Ohlone. This is the story of the land and its Rema...

President Pedro Castillo’s Challenges after 100 Days of Government

On Friday, November 5, 2021, President Pedro Castillo completed 100 days of his government. However, it feels it’s been more than a year due to the permanent confrontation and political crisis we have...

Com suas cores suas cores, cantos e luta os povos indígenas se uniram a povos de todo o mundo nas ruas de Glasgow em defesa do planeta.

COP26: “There Will Be No Solution for Humanity Without Us”

The ancestral knowledge of indigenous people about their territories places them in the perfect position to manage the land and forests and provide community solutions to climate change.

Rural Society vs. Guardians of the Mapuche Ancestral Territory

They have accused the wrong person. Gloria Colihueque Catriman is a hardworking and humble Mapuche woman, guardian of her territory and her family.

May our utopia be a future on Earth

Speech at COP26 My name is Txai Suruí. I am only 24 years old, but my people have lived in the Amazon rainforest for at least 6,000 years. My father, the great chief Almir Suruí, taught me that we mus...