#WasipiSakiri. Foto: RadioIluman

Decolonizing Health II: Community Efforts in Abya Yala

Slowly we perceive―like the rising of the river when it comes down from the mountain―that the rain at the top of the summit hasn’t ceded, and that we must prepare for the sudden flow. After the ...

Photo: Navajo Department of Health

Decolonizing Health: How Native Communities Are Ramping Up COVID-19 Preparedness

Native American communities in several territories are rapidly stepping up efforts to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. Their work is exemplary of how, despite the greater vulnerability of ...

Smallest Residents of Watershed Key Indicators of Overall Watershed Health

CAPTION: Mya Fisher, a Hoh tribal member in the Quileute Tribe’s Youth Opportunity Program, scans a tub for macroinvertebrates sampled from Bear Creek. Photo: D. Preston. SOURCE: Northwest Treaty Trib...

Organic oil produced communally in the village, pequi oil, or Hwĩn Mbê (in the indigenous language) is essential in the culture and diet of the Kĩsêdjê. It is also planted to reforest deforested areas of the Amazon. Photo: Associação Indígena Kisedje

Pequi, A Medicinal Tree, Promoted by the Indigenous Communities of Brazil Against Monocultures

In the Alto Xingu area, 16 indigenous communties of Mato Grosso, the most deforested state by the soja monoculture agroindustry, are struggling to preserve the rainforest and their way of life, as wel...

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