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Indigneous women holding hands

Awasqa is a digital platform that seeks to democratize the media through a collaborative network with indigenous and environmental movements and organizations through the continent, Abya Yala. We seek to generate a free space for publication, and translation, to recognize the diversity of languages and forms of communication, breaking language barriers in order to promote linguistic justice and participatory communication.

By articulating an international network of community journalists and communicators, we seek to promtote support for and reflection on urgent issues for social and environmental justice. Our principle is to provide a safer communication space, away from corporate-owned social media, led by a community of trusted editors, thus becoming an alternative to the way in which indigenous and environmental organizations and communities in Latin America share their stories of hope and resistance.

Awasqa seeks to celebrate the convergence of knowledge, struggles, resistance, reflections, projects, and worldviews that emerge from indigenous movements and organizations in response to the onslaught of imperialism and the monopolization of communication.

We are community journalists and communicators with a life commitment to support the struggle against colonialism and predatory capitalism.

Background Info & Goals

Awasqa begun as a volunteer-run pilot project at the end of 2018, and today continue as a nonprofit organization, thanks to a grant from Swift Foundation. Our dream is to democratize the media by building a continental indigenous communications network where Awasqa can serve as a tool or portal to break (colonial) language barriers and allow for shared information across borders.

Our main goal is to make the work of indigenous community journalists, communications organizations, and social movements visible.