To Submit an Article and Editorial Line

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Editorial line

Our main interest is the visibility of:

  • The dialogue between the diverse knowledge and cosmovision of indigenous and Native peoples from the north, central and southern regions of the continent, taking into account their diversity and their ways of communicating and exchanging knowledge, culture and art.
  • Stories that inspire collective actions in defense of social justice, gender diversity, economic justice, ethnic rights, and stories told by the voices of resistance.
  • Environmentally responsible science that moves away from a vision of Mother Earth as an unlimited resource and recognizes in human beings and Pacha Mama the coexistence of life, in harmony with the principles of health, environmental justice, food sovereignty and defense of our territories.
  • In-depth dialogue on the struggles that confront hegemonic thinking, colonialism, imperialism, extractivist policies, and unbridled capitalism, with an emphasis on the alternatives.
  • Projects of interest to local and foreign funders, in particular related to community radio and communication projects, independent media, film, the arts, and culture.

The topics described above do not exclude any other topic that feeds the dialogue and reinforces Awasqa’s principles. In this sense, we ask those who participate to take into account that we will not publish articles that:

  • Generate hatred or any type of discrimination towards people or communities we work with.
  • Directly support campaigns and political proselytism of the government in office.
  • Benefit or make visible companies, projects, or people that go against our declared principles.

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