Citlalli A.

Citlalli Andrango Cadena. Productora Cine/Gestora Cultural Kichwa. Es productora de AylluRec Films y es parte del colectivo artístico HUMAZAPAS. Productora del largometraje HUAHUA 2018. Productora del proyecto de formación en cine comunitaria HUMAZAPAS 2022 y del proyecto de largometraje “VACACIONES” (POSTPRODUCCION). Además, es productora del Largometraje Docuficción AKCHA SAPI (DESARROLLO).

Citlalli A.’s Organisations
  • Awasqa is a digital platform that seeks to democratize the media through the construction of a collaborative network with indigenous and environmental movements and organizations of the continent, generating a free space for publication in which to share written, audiovisual, visual and sound information, recognizing the diversity of languages and forms of communication, and breaking…

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Articles by Citlalli A.
  • Meet the First Generation of Awasqa Youth Scholars

    Meet the First Generation of Awasqa Youth Scholars

    It is with great joy that we want to introduce the first eight young Awasqa Youth Scholarship recipients! The main objective of the Awasqa Youth Scholarship is to create networks across Latin America and to give visibility to the work of Black and indigenous youth who are leading in the fields of community journalism, communication…