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The Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) is a non-profit organization of the Brazilian civil society, founded in 1994, to propose integrated solutions to social and environmental issues with a central focus on the defense of social, collective, and diffuse goods and rights related to the environment, cultural heritage, human and communal rights.

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    • #ForaGarimpoForaCovid: Amazon Tribes Launch Call for Solidarity

      #ForaGarimpoForaCovid: Amazon Tribes Launch Call for Solidarity

      From the Editors: The Yanomani and Ye’kwana are indigenous people living in the Roraima e Amazonas states, in the northeastern region of the Amazon under control of the Brazilian government. Under the umbrella of the Fórum de Lideranças Yanomami e Ye’kwana [Yanomami and Ye’kwana Leadership Forum], they have launched a campaign #ForaGarimpoForaCovid and are asking…