Rafael Bautista

Rafael Bautista

Rafael Bautista Segales ha escrito trece libros sobre filosofía, teoría política, epistemología, geopolítica, cuento y poesía. Dirige el programa televisivo “La Bitácora”. Sus análisis son publicados en Rebelión, ALAINET, Argenpress, Bolpress, etc.

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  • Thinking the World from Bolivia

    Thinking the World from Bolivia

    FROM THE EDITORS: Bolivia, before Evo, during his government and even after the coup, is a complex universe understood best by those who live its daily dynamic reality. That is why we turn to Rafael Bautista, an indigenous Bolivian philosopher, who makes an in-depth analysis of the political reality of his country. We leave you…

  • Bolivia, The Disaster Solution

    Bolivia, The Disaster Solution

    Awasqa has the honor of sharing an article by a Bolivian writer, philosopher and director of the Bolivian Decolonization Workshop, Rafael Bautista, author of the book El tablero del siglo XXI. Geopolítica des-colonial de un orden global post-occidental (The gameboard of the 21st century. De-colonial geopolitics of a post-Western global order).Some clarifying points. First, it was…